CIRSE 2014 Day 1

CIRSE kicked off today under unexpectedly glorious summer-like weather in Glasgow. The exhibition hall is crowded and full of energy. As usual with generalist IR meetings, the IO content is a little dilute though oddly clumped and ranges from very basic to cutting edge. I was happy to see a dedicated NET session this morning. Each speaker covered one modality; what was missing was the integration of therapies that reflects real-life decision making.  In parallel was an advanced technology session on stereotaxy, PET-CT guidance, fusion guidance, and MR navigation.  A subsequent session on bone pain management was an excellent synthesis of systemic, ablative, and glue & screw technologies as well as an update on HIFU.  The complex lung ablation workshop rocked. There was a dedicated scientific abstract session devoted to controlled trials. I was sad to see not one therapeutic IO paper, a reflection of the immaturity of IO research. 
Now it's time to be off for a wee dram...

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