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Questions?  This grant call deadline is Monday, September 18 at 12:00 Midnight EST. For administration questions contact  For proposal inquiries contact Grants Subcommittee Chair Dr. Julius Chapiro


The SOCIETY OF INTERVENTIONAL ONCOLOGY is pleased to announce a call for research proposals on the topic of Combined Radioembolization and Immunotherapy of HCC, supported by AstraZeneca. These grants are designed to fund investigator-initiated research evaluating and advancing the understanding of biological mechanisms underpinning response and resistance to therapeutic interventions that could improve approaches to radioembolization combined with systemic immunotherapy of HCC.

Examples of the types of projects this initiative could support but are not limited to include:


  • Pre-clinical studies on small or intermediate size immune competent orthotopic animal models of liver cancer for investigations focusing on the tumor microenvironment and the immuno-metabolic crosstalk in the setting of loco-regional and immunotherapy combinations
  • Pre-clinical studies investigating molecular mechanisms of tumor resistance and immune cell exhaustion in immunotherapy, and the effects of loco-regional therapies on the tumor microenvironment in order to define the influence of different loco-regional therapies on the tumor immune microenvironment.
  • Studies that develop predictive biomarkers of immune response for combination therapies, including peripheral serological, tissue, genetic or radiological-pathological biomarkers to direct personalized therapy decisions
  • Preclinical studies investigating differences in immune response to various catheter-directed therapies (conventional TACE, drug-eluting beads TACE, Y90 radioembolization etc) in the setting of combination with systemic immunotherapy
  • Innovative pre-clinical imaging (e.g. molecular imaging) and novel technical approaches (e.g. involving deep learning) in liver cancer in the setting of combination therapies, including ablation or embolization paired with immunotherapy
  • Studies investigating mechanisms of action using advanced genomics and single cell analytic techniques to guide and personalize therapeutic decisions as well as research combining data from histopathological samples and peripheral circulating immune cells to achieve predictive modeling of therapy response


Applicants should propose innovative research that advances the fields of interventional oncology and immuno-oncology. Preliminary data are strongly encouraged. Partnership of interventional oncologists with basic scientists in immuno-biology, pathology, genetics and biomedical imaging are highly encouraged. Proposals that describe short timelines for completion of high-quality studies and dissemination of results will be preferred. Proposals from applicants new to the SIO grant program will be given special consideration. This announcement will consider applications for United States only submissions. This announcement does not accept clinical trials.



Grant funding of up to $200,000 for larger two-year projects with preliminary data will be provided. If the grant proposal represents supplemental funding to existing projects, clear justification for additional funding must be provided.



Grants are available to full-time interventional radiology faculty, full-time allied science faculty and trainees with an MD, DO, PhD, or equivalent degree. This announcement will consider applications for United State and international submissions. This announcement does not accept clinical trials. Collaboration between an interventional oncologist and field experts having documented experience in immunotherapy and / or basic research in tumor immunology / biology are required.  Likewise, full-time immuno-oncologists and basic researchers are encouraged to apply – provided documented collaboration with an interventional oncologist.

  • Post- doctorate candidates are invited to apply.
  • Allied Scientists are encouraged to apply.
  • Women and underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.
  • Current recipients of SIO grants will not be considered.
  • Eligible applicants may submit more than one proposal but only one grant will be awarded per institution.

All funded applicants must become members of the Society of Interventional Oncology (SIO) if they are not already members upon award acceptance.

The initiation of funding is conditional on presentation of the project proposal during the upcoming 2024 SIO meeting at an identified session (Long Beach, CA, January 24-29, 2024). The transfer of the second and third milestone payment is conditioned on the annual SIO meeting attendance of the funded investigator which includes an oral presentation of the preliminary data during the dedicated grant sessions.

Application Procedures and Format