International Outreach

SIO Around the World

Interventional Oncology is a discipline governed by continuing innovation. This innovation acts as the necessary power to create and perform therapeutic techniques.

SIO, acting on a global level, provides the necessary substrate for the sub-discipline to flourish and further strengthen the already solid basis. IO education is lacking around the world so established Oncology societies and meetings are looking to SIO to add an IO component to deliver this much needed education, training and opportunities to meet and hear form experts in the field.  

These international meetings come in two varieties: SIO Meets and Best of SIO. Though the premise of these meetings vary, the functional goals of advancing the field of Interventional Oncology do not.

During this year, SIO was actively involved in a handful of cancer- and IO-related congresses all around the world. Indicatively, the list includes conferences in Mexico, Argentina, and India. Further relationships were arranged in Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

All the members of the International Education Division aim to serve the oncology community by transmitting the knowledge acquired over the years in order to promote and grow IO in regions where there is a demand but training and education are still needed. 

Check out SIO Meets and Best of SIO to learn about upcoming meetings and the exciting advances SIO is making in the international community. Contact SIO at or Dr. Alexis Kelekis,, for more information about partnering with SIO to bring in experts in IO for tailored education.